Creating a compelling narrative with audio alone is a challenge, but that’s what I like about it.
The First is the Worst: A One Minute Audio Story I combined sound effects, music and a short interview with my father about him and his first beer into a one minute audio story.
The First is the Worst - Extended: A Four Minute Audio Story  I decied to expand upon the interview with my father to uncover more of his motivations and emotions of his first beer. This piece was selected and broadcast on KRFP, Radio Free Moscow, in Moscow, Idaho, as a part of a DTC student collaborative project called “Underpinnings”.

Link to the article here.

Channel Artwork
News for Terrestrials
NFT 1: UAP or UFO?
News For Terrestrials (NFT): Sample Podcast This podcast was written by myself and my collaborator, Katelyn Gorman. I edited and mixed the audio, and Katelyn designed the art, and conducted the interview. We wanted this podcast to humorous, light and approachable. It is available on Apple Podcasts.
Link to Podcast Site here.
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