These projects showcase my creativity and skill editing, filming and directing.

Genre Switch: Die Hard
I choose a film with a specific genre and by using editing and sound design to “switch it” to a different genre. I chose Die Hard, and switched from a Action genre to a Horror film.

Video Project: Road Trip
I interviewed my mother about her expericences on her family roadtrip from North Carolina to Washington State. I used archival home video footage to achive a sense of nostalgia.

Video Project: Land Managment on the Palouse
A group and I decided to construct a narrative based around land managment in the Palouse. We interviewed experts knowledgeable on the topic and filmed the local environment.

Video Project: Death is Easy I decided to create a mix-media short film narrative utilizing green screen, found footage, and stop-motion aninmation.

Participatory Documentary: The Enemy of Good A group and I decided to make a meta documentary about locating the best burger in Pullman, WA.
All image and text copyrights belong to Jack Ryan Deeds